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    Matching Invoices Automatic Notification

      Good Afternoon,

      I am totally new to Oracle and would just like some help in what to suggest to our programming team.

      When we match an invoice to a PO, is there a way of notifying our payments team by email that we have done this, automatically by a report or kind of spreadsheet with the fields they need, preferably by one consolodated email at the end of each day.

      At the moment we are doing this is a manual way by spreadsheet then sending it off to them, but this way I think there is problems with the time it takes and the potential for errors so I was wondering if Oracle had the facility to do this.

      If anyone does understand what I need, what can I tell the programmers so they understand straight away what I need to happen.

      Sorry to be such a pain.

      Thank you

      Andrew Smith-Beaman