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    Oracle Retail Data Model - Have a few questions, please help!

      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently looking at several retail data models for a client. I was hoping that someone here could answer a few questions for me in regards to Oracles retail data model. I don't need all of the questions answered, but if you happen to know a couple it'd be really great if you could post what you know. Here are the questions:

      Does the model support a wide audience? (Master/Reference, Operational, Analytical)

      Number of key subject areas?

      How many relationships are defined between subject areas?

      Is the model Normalized or Denormalized?

      Number of relationships between subject areas?

      Can client customize and maintain the model without vendor resources?

      How customizeable is the model in regards to changes and additions?

      Is the model reusable?

      Does the model accomadate third party data?

      What support comes with the model? (professional services, implementation, training)

      How is the maintainance of the model? (implementation, population, general maintenance)

      How independent is the model in relation to vendors EDW platform? (vendor neutrality)

      How well documented is the model? (metadata repository, complete definitions, graphical representation)

      Does the tool work with Erwin / IBM System Architect?

      How heavily is the model by other retailers? (scarcely, moderately, heavily)

      Was there anything that seemed to be lacking from the model? (during implementation, customization, or general maintenance)

      If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to post them here and I'll get them answered ASAP.

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          Please checkout this link: http://st-curriculum.oracle.com/tutorial/ORDMTutorial/player.htm
          and this page http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/options/retail-data-model/index-082666.html and the documentation set http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14439_01/welcome.html that it points to.

          Most of your questions can be answered by skimming through these pages and manuals, and I would say most of your questions will get quite a positive answer.

          One of the main characteristics of its general design is that there is no default source system that it was built for, so it is quite generic (ARTS data model based) but an implementation project requires to fill in the ETL to the first layer. For some sources (e.g. Oracle Retail RMS) this has been done several times by some partners. But this should be no set back, as almost any DWH project will need to deal with the source extraction layer.

          Erwin/SA is not used, at least not in the general availability release.

          Best regards,
          Erik Ykema
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            ErikYkema - Thank you very much for the links, that helped out a ton.

            - Thomas Coffing