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    Installing SSL Certificate

      I am trying to install an SSL certificate into an instance of Sun WebServer 6.1. I created my certificate using the instructions at the following website:


      When I go on the Security tab and choose to "Install Certificate" for this server, I click okay and the "Add Server Certificate" page appears. All of the information looks correct on the "Add Server Certificate" page and I click "Add Server Certificate." The following error appears:

      "Incorrect Usage: No Private Key
      The server could not find the private key associated with this certificate"

      I'm a bit puzzled about what is the problem since Sun Webserver could read my certificate on the previous page. Is there some step that I am missing? This is step 11 in the "Install the Certificate in Sun Java Web Server" section of the tutorial listed above.

      Any ideas would be appreciated (except that I do not have the option of upgrading to Webserver 7 - sorry).
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          Are you sure you are using the right instance? When you created your CSR, did you request it for the admin server or your default web instance? It appears you requested it for one but then try to import the certificate into the other one.
          What you can do is import the certificate into the one you have generated the CSR from and then export the keypair using pk12util and import it into the correct instance you intended.
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            "No Private Key" means that the CSR was generated from a different server instance and you are trying to install it in a different server instance.