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    tkprof in 11g

      hello *

      how is treated (or meant to be treated) TKPROF tool in 11g version?
      there are lots of GUI/API tools for tuning and monitoring (all kinds of advisors and checkers, AWR, ADDM), and I wonder if average DBA should bother about it.
      I can imagine it is still handy for many people, but to be honest - is it superior (and how if somehow) over 11g advisors?
      Can TKPROF be fully replaced with 11g GUI/API features?

      I'm asking mainly those who used both solutions and can compare them. thx
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          There is no other tool delivered by Oracle that does exactly the same job as SQL trace and TKPROF even in 11g.

          But you can find third party tools that make SQL trace/TKPROF easier to use such as Mr Trace: http://carymillsap.blogspot.com/2010/08/mister-trace.html
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            I realized that tkprof just presents the output of tracing session/events (autotrace) in a readable way. And it uses off-line (*.trc) files instead of internal statistics. So that's the case it does. Perhaps I'll take a closer look at it and see benefits.
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              The biggest problem with Tkprof is that it needs "you" to be knowledgeable enough to interpret what it reveals and that's what Oracle is trying to improve with the self-tuning components that it has introduced in the past two releases. See this thread on Asktom where Tom tells how to use Tkprof effectively and what its all about,

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                A somewhat old (Oracle 9i) but still valid description and comparison of Oracle command line tuning tools (EXPLAIN PLAN, AUTOTRACE, SQL trace/TKPROF, Statpsack and Tome Kyte's own tool run_stats) can be found in chapter 2 of Oracle Efficient by Design http://asktom.oracle.com/pls/apex/z?p_url=ASKTOM%2Edownload_file%3Fp_file%3D1887128923702383570&p_cat=ch02.pdf&p_company=822925097021874.
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                  Thanks folks.
                  This can be the answer (quote of Tom) for my question:
                  to use tkprof for query tuning, you are getting half of what you need - the FACTS. The other half is all about you - and your knowledge of >the database. If you don't have or don't want to have that other half, you will be using tools such as the performance pack in enterprise manager.