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    Unattended silent install script fails on Windows 7 x64


      We are an IT managed services provider and use RMM tools like Kaseya and LabTech to manage our clients' machines.

      We are trying to write a deployment script to deploy and/or update Java on Windows XP/7 machines. We are having difficulty deploying Java in silent mode on Windows 7 x64 using our RMM tool and thought you would be able to shed some light as to why this happens. We can successfully silently deploy Java on Windows 7 x86 and Windows XP using the RMM tool, together with other software like Acrobat Reader, Flash player and Firefox.

      When we manually run the installer with the /quiet switch through the command prompt, installation completes successfully. However, when we use our RMM tool to deploy Java with the same switch, installation hangs: when looking at Task Manager, the Java installer hangs indefinitely and must be manually killed. Also, the installer runs as the SYSTEM user, if that makes any difference.

      Can anyone advise what is the reason that the installer hangs and doesn't complete the installation?