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    Reverse Proxy Problem

      I have configured the web proxy server 4.0.15 as reverse proxy.
      The reverse proxy has proxied a https server must go through an external and internal web proxy that responds to port 8080.

      client -> reverse proxy https: 443 -> http:8080 http proxy -> https: / / web: 443

      This is my configuration:
      <Object name="default">
      AuthTrans fn="match-browser" browser=".*MSIE.*" ssl-unclean-shutdown="true"
      NameTrans fn="add_agent_header"
      NameTrans fn="reverse-map" from="https://external:443" to="https://test/site" rewrite-location="true" rewrite-content-location="true"
      NameTrans fn="map" from="https://test" to="https://external:443" rewrite-host="false"
      NameTrans fn="map" from="/site" to="https://external:443" rewrite-host="true"
      PathCheck fn="url-check"
      PathCheck fn="validate_session_policy"
      ObjectType fn="ssl-client-config" validate-server-cert="false"
      ObjectType fn="http-client-config" keep-alive="on" keep-alive-timeout="29" always-use-keep-alive="true" protocol="HTTP/1.1" proxy-agent="Oracle-iPlanet-Proxy-Server/4.0"
      ObjectType fn="forward-ip" hdr="Client-ip"
      AddLog fn="flex-log" name="access"
      *Route fn="set-proxy-server" server="*"

      When I browser trought my reverse proxy I receive *http error 400*
      Error log:
      [25/Nov/2010:15:55:23] fine (25437): for host trying to GET /site, set-proxy-server reports: using server
      [25/Nov/2010:15:55:23] fine (25437): for host trying to GET /site, service-http reports: attempting to contact
      [25/Nov/2010:15:55:23] fine (25437): for host trying to GET /site, attempting to resolve
      [25/Nov/2010:15:55:23] fine (25437): for host trying to GET /site, attempting to connect to
      [25/Nov/2010:15:55:23] fine (25437): for host trying to GET /site, connected to

      Access log: - GIOVANNI [25/Nov/2010:16:26:31 +0100] "GET /site HTTP/1.1" 400 691 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101027 Ubuntu/10.10 (maverick) Firefox/3.6.12" 400 691 - - 562 312 988 176 0 PROXY( FIN FIN

      If you do not pass through the http proxy ( ) I have no problem.

      Any Ideas ?