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    Bug in filtering-transformer-scheme?


      It appears that the following config is not valid:
            <replication-filter:location-filter />
          <sync:operations>Insert, Update, Delete</sync:operations>
      Note: <replication-filter:location-filter /> simply returns an object that implemements com.tangosol.util.Filter.

      FilteringPublishingTransformerScheme has a mandatory property filter:
      public void setFilter(Filter filter)
      This means that Configurator looks for an element sync:filter, however according to the specification on the incubator site (http://coherence.oracle.com/display/INCUBATOR/sync-filtering-transformer-scheme+(3.0.0)), I think it should actually be looking for an entry-operation-filter.

      Looking at the spec, it suggests that you should be able to use <instance:class> however that also fails:
        <instance:class classname="com.tangosol.util.filter.AlwaysFilter" />
      I'm going to try and change FilteringPublishingTransformerScheme and report back...

      Regards, Paul