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    Siebel 8.1 Integration with Avaya Aura Platform

      Hi Gurus,

      A prospect is asking whether Siebel 8.1 integrates with the Avaya Aura Contact Center Platform. I did some reading around and found that Aura has an Application Enablement Component which assists in integrating this platform to softwares like Siebel/SAP etc. But I am not sure whether this directly integrates to Siebel or some SI needs to build a middleware linking Siebel to Aura via Application Enablement APIs. Can some one please assist me with this? My knowledge of CTI integration, switch etc is at best sketchy, so would appreciate any insight whatsoever.

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          Robert Ponder

          We have customers who use Avaya CTI with Siebel. Not sure about Aura – that does not sound familiar to me.


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            I believe that Avaya Aura is an extension of the Avaya Communication's Manager platform. I have worked with Avaya Interaction Center in the past but I know several products can integrate with the Avaya platform. (eg. Genisys and I believe Oracle has a product as well.) They integrate with the phone system via an AES server and use TSAPI or CVLAN signalling.

            TI is a difficult integration to complete. Bring in people with prior knowledge and you will be much more successful.