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      Essbase has a command called SSAUDIT to keep track of data that is being LOCK & SEND from Excle addin. This feature only helps to find the data has been entered for a particular intersection. Now, the requirement to audit who entered data in every intersection including overwrites. This is the issue as certain data is being overwritten and there is no knowledge of who did it.

      Can you please give your ideas how to know who and when a particular user changed the data.

      Thanks, UB.
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          Is this data not being entered through planning, if it is then you can turn on auditing for data.
          If it is just the excel addin then SSAUDIT is probably the best setting that is available, in version 11 you can turn on transaction logging.


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            Thanks for your reply. This is only a Essbase Application, user majorly using Excel addin for data input. Yes,I am using SSAUDIT, this is generating ATX and ALG files.
            But this is not giving a information like who has exactly done the input for a particular intersection.

            This is Essbase Version Does Transaction Logging resolves this issue? Can you tell me the purpose of it and how to make use of it please?

            Thanks, UB
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              For transaction logging have a read of :- http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12825_01/epm.111/epm_backup_recovery/frameset.htm?ch04s01s01s03.html


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                Thanks John. I learnt this command won't help to find by whom and when the data has been modified.

                Is there any utility or third party tool you aware to find the list of users and the data intersections modifed by them?


                Do you suggest any other alternatives to achieve this?

                Thanks again for your help on this.

                Regards, UB
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                  I would give it a go before dismissing it, at least you learn a new area with transaction logging.


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                    Hi John,

                    I noticed one weired thing when adding below statments in the essbase.cfg file. I got "Error: 1013350 Failed to load database" when adding both these lines.

                    To confirmed it, I commented them, restarted the Essbase service and then the application started with out any issues.

                    ::TRANSACTIONLOGLOCATION /Hyperion/trlog NATIVE ENABLE

                    ::TRANSACTIONLOGLOCATION app db /Hyperion/trlog NATIVE ENABLE

                    Note: I tried with the different combinations like enabled both, enabled one statement at a time. But still the applicatios/application were not responding.

                    Can you please guide how to overcome this issue.

                    Thanks, UB
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                      You may want to look at our Dodeca product which is a replacement for the Excel add-ins. It provides a managed user environment that looks and acts like Excel. It uses Excel templates for its retrieve/send operations but maintains a relational log of all data changes. There is a good introductory video online at http://www.appliedolap.com/dodeca/videos.

                      Tim Tow
                      Applied OLAP, Inc
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                        If you are getting error 1013350 when starting the application, take a look at your log to make sure that it recognizes the directory you specified.

                        A little late, but to help those who run into this thread.

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                          Hello UB,

                          Did you find a solution to audit whio and when somebody change data using Excel addin?