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    Oracle iLearning - SCORM content data


      we are using CourseLab for creating courses and tests and export them into SCORM 2004. What data is passed and saved to the Oracle iLearning database from the SCORM 2004 content? Are the questions and answers of the test being saved? What are the tables to look for? Does the description of Oracle ilearning DB tables exist somewhere?

      Thank You,

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          Anders Northeved-Oracle
          As iLearning is SCORM 2004 (edition 3) compliant it saves the data described by the SCORM 2004 standard. So if you want to know all the details of what is being communicated between the content and iLearning you should study the SCORM 2004 manual (can be downloaded from adlnet.gov).
          But in short: The results from the tests are saved, but not the individual answers.

          Regards Anders
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            That's not quite true Anders :)

            Assuming the content is using cmi interactions, the user's responses to questions in a scorm 2004 quiz are stored on the interaction table/view.

            Here's an example custom report sql you can use to view interaction data for a given content object (the content object id is the parameter)

            a.id attemptid,
            a.create_date attempt_date,
            int.description question,
            'C','Multiple Choice',
            'F', 'Fill in the Blank',
            'S','Put in sequence order',
            'M', 'Matching',
            'L', 'Likert Scale'
            ) question_type,
            int.learner_response learner_answer,
            when int.result = 'N' then 'No correct answer, survey question'

            'C', 'Correct',
            'N','Not Evaluated') is_correct,
            ROUND(int.latency,0) time_spent_on_question_secs

            users u,
            attempt a,
            content_object rco,
            interaction int,
            interaction_response int_resp

            a.user_id = u.id and
            a.content_object_id = rco.id and
            int.attempt_id = a.id and
            int_resp.interaction_id = int.id and
            rco.id = &rcoid

            order by int.create_date

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              Anders Northeved-Oracle
              I stand corrected - thanks Scott :-)

              Regards Anders
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                Thank You Scott so much. I checked the query that You ‘ve provided, although some tables are named differently in our Oracle iLearning (v. 5.2.1) DB. It is really difficult to figure out what data is saved in what tables; what views are used for particular pages. Could You point out any source of definition for tables/views and data used in Oracle iLearning? It Would be very helpful.

                Thank You.

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                  Hi Vaida,

                  The sql I gave is what you would create as a custom report within the iLearning application (which uses the ILEARN_RPT schema). This probably is why some of the table names look different (if you are looking at the base tables in the ILEARN schema).

                  There is an old data dictionary (up to version 5.0) I believe on My Oracle Support knowledgebase but it doesn't include updates for some of the newer tables. It can get you started however. We maintain our own version with updates as necessary for our internal use :)

                  Also, within iLearning you can access the custom report views information for table/columns used in custom reporting at:

                  <ILEARNING HOST>.<ILEARNING DOMAIN>/ilearn/en/reports/html/help/adhoc_help.html

                  Hope that helps,