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    FDM period descriptions in different language

      Hello subject matter experts!

      during my current project we have moved to a new (faster) IT environment.
      In the old environment FDM runs on the Application Server (AS)
      In the new environment FDM is running on the Database Server (DB).

      The "problem" now occurs that when I create periods (in control tables) in FDM on the new DB the descriptions automatically are shown in french, instead of English.
      I have checked the regional settings of the server and compared this to the "old" environment on the AS.
      The new DB was set to french so that could/should explain the cause of the different language description.
      However, after changing this regional setting on the server the descriptions still are french (even after deleting and recreating the periods).

      Also I have checked the FDM settings within the tool (web settings, user settings). These are set to English.

      Does any of you experienced this? Any othe FDM language checks I could do?
      Note: I have not rebooted the server

      Thank you in advance for your advises.
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          Hello Jerome,

          I would not advise running FDM on the DB Server. I do not know how you have come to the conclusion that this is going to be 'faster'. It is not recommended and it is not a real world solution/situation.

          The reason information is showing up in French has nothing to do with the DB. It has to deal with the regional OS settings of the server that FDM has been defined to run under. Log into your FDM Server as the DCOM account and check the windows control panels.

          Thank you,
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