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    Problem with reading files

      I have method which try to read file. I was trying "InputStream in = SecureNotes.getInstance().getClass().getResourceAsStream(fileName);" - this works perfect on emulator but did not work at phone. Now I'm trying "FileConnection fc = (FileConnection)Connector.open(fileName, Connector.READ);". It says: "java.lang.SecurityException: Application not authorized to access the restricted API".
      I try

      1.close Eclipse
      2.open java wireless toolkit (my version is 2.5.2)
      3.open edit -> preferences
      4.in the preferences dialog , click on the security node of default emulator tree
      5.under security , change the security domain to manufacturer
      6.run project in Eclipse

      but it did not help me.

      It didn't give me this kind of error for the first time. I went to jwt and open thouse prefs. There were no selected options. Then I open dropdown menu and it automaticaly select "Security Domain" and "Locale". Now i set as "manufacturer" for "Security Domain" and "en: for "Locale".

      What I have to do to start this work? :-)