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    UOM Conversions

      Have an item that has a primary UOM of PIECES.
      The item is Min/Max planned.
      The item is typically procured in PACK.
      Created a UOM conversion where 1 PACK = 10 PIECES.
      In the ASL for the item under attributes entered the purchasing uom as PACK.
      The Min/Max requisition comes across as PIECES.
      If the user creates a PO by entering the supplier at the header first the line picks up the uom as PACK...however if the po line gets filled out first before the header information then the UOM defaults as PIECES.

      Is this a bug?
      Is this intended functionality?
      What are we missing?
      Thanks in advance.
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          Karthik Gopaluni

          In the min-max the supplier used is the same one as in the ASL?

          Looks the Purchasing UOM concept is well covered on the PO form and missed out on the requisition import functionality.

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            Same supplier
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              Karthik Gopaluni
              Till 12.1 the documentation states that the UOM defaulting is either form Line Type/Item but it was not mentioned that ASL PUOM will be referred.
              I just pulled out the form from the server and could only find record groups with code written for line type/item.

              Are you on version higher that 12.1?

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                The UOM is changed as part of the Sourcing Routine. This is triggered when the item/need by date/quantity is changed in the PO Line.

                So while creating the PO if you enter the vendor / vendor site and then start creating the PO Lines, then the sourcing routine can locate the right ASL and default the right UOM. But if you enter the PO Lines first the sourcing routine cannot determine the ASL so it wont default any UOM.

                Changing the vendor and vendor site does not trigger the re-sourcing on all the PO Lines for a simple reason that it is too costly to fire the sourcing on all the lines. Also there is no gurantee that sourcing routine will actually do anything.
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                    I am further upstream in the process...the requisition is created from a Min/Max job...need the purchased UOM coming in on the requisition...