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    SunOne Webserver Distributed Admin

      Version 6.1SP7 (yeah - I know, oldie but a goodie)

      I am trying to enable distributed Admin. I have the LDAP set up and configured - I can search and find users and groups no problem.

      Every time I go to enable distributed admin, I get the following error;
      [02/Dec/2010:14:41:56] failure ( 2597): for host trying to POST /https-admserv/bin/distadm, cgi_scan_headers reports: HTTP4044: the CGI program /opt/sunoneweb/ws/
      bin/https/admin/bin/distadm did not produce a valid header (program terminated without a valid CGI header. Check for core dump or other abnormal termination)

      Any help? If I have to manually edit conf files, so be it - but I'm at a loss.
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          Found the problem. You cannot bind anonymously to the directory and enable disributed admin. In order to enable distributed admin, you must bind to the directory with a valid user in the directory. The user does NOT need any write privileges unless you want to manage the users/groups from the SunOne Web admin console.