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    Enabling Semantic Technologies in 11g R2


      I was configuring semantic technologies in Oracle 11g R2. When I ran the catsem.sql it popped textbox to input some file name. I installed Oracle in a windows server 2008 platform.

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          Within the catsem.sql

          we first check if the semantics is already installed. If it is then we do nothing. If it is not installed we define the scripts to be executed:

          :script_name1 := '@sdordfty.sql';
          :script_name2 := '@semrelod.sql';

          then we execute them:

          alter session set current_schema=MDSYS;

          set define on;
          SELECT :script_name1 FROM DUAL;

          SELECT :script_name2 FROM DUAL;


          Try the following in sqlplus

          show define

          It should show:

          define "&" (hex 26)

          That is set with line:

          set define on;

          in the script but for some reason it maight not have been executed properly.

          You can try running each block within catsem.sql piece by piece and see if it send any error that can lead to see what may not be executing properly.


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