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    IRC upload in OFSA


      I have input file format as following for currency code xxx:-

      1 MONTH     bid     4.38
      1 WEEK     bid     4.18
      1 YEAR     bid     5.24
      2 MONTH     bid     4.52
      3 MONTH     bid     4.66
      6 MONTH     bid     4.75
      9 MONTH     bid     4.98
      O/N     bid     3.7
      1 MONTH     ask     4.1
      1 WEEK     ask     4.73
      1 YEAR     ask     4.79
      2 MONTH     ask     4.93
      3 MONTH     ask     5.08
      6 MONTH     ask     4.95
      9 MONTH     ask     5.43
      O/N     ask     5.69

      I would like to compute mid rate i.e. simple average of bid and ask rate.
      Also would like to compute monthl Moving average mid rates.
      and get it uploaded into OFSA.
      Is it possible doing all this in OFSA.
      Please help.Thanks.
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Please see if these docs help.

          Why are Interest Rate Codes (IRC) from Multiple Historical Rates ID Renumbered After Upgrading to OFSA 4.5 [ID 203957.1]
          How Do You Create A New Interest Rate Code (IRC) As A Derived IRC From Another One? [ID 305202.1]
          Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA) 4.5 Product Documentation [ID 69544.1]

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            Thank you.

            What I am looking for is the following :-

            1) Input data for IRC history table.
            2) I want to insert daywise rates
            3) compute average on the same.

            Let me know in case any of you have used this.

            Thanks a lot.