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    Compatibility between J9 and Windows Mobile 6.5

      Hi everybody!
      In 2007/2008 I wrote a java app for an HTC TyTN2 with Windows Mobile 6.0 and I used IBM J9 as JVM and SWT as graphic library and everything worked fine till now.

      Now I have an Acer NeoTouch P300 running Windows Mobile 6.5, but my application doesn't work: sometimes it starts but unexpectedly closes, sometimes it doesn't start at all.
      I tried to update SWT library thinking that this could be the problem, but nothing changed.

      I know that J9 is a dead project so I don't expect any update, but although it had not to be compatible with Windows Mobile 6.0, it worked very well during these 3 years.

      I searched on the web, but I only found old and little bit confused articles, so I can't understand what's the better way to make my app working.

      Has anyone already experienced with this issue? Am I missing some configuration in J9 to make it run under Windows Mobile 6.5?

      Have I to change JVM to a new one...something that will work in future (i.e. Windows Mobile 7 and up)?

      Any suggetion is very very very appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.