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    Batch Loader

      Can someone please assist me in adding a section to a batch script to specify the location I want to load.
      ex) I want it to say... If the location is not x, then exit. If the location is x, continue on with the script.
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          Unfortunately the Batch Processing does not work in that fashion.

          The very first thing the Batch does is rename the 'OpenBatches' folder to a unique name ... so if you were to put in such a criteria; then your file would never load... as the file would not exist in the new 'OpenBatches' folder for review next processing cycle. The name of the location to load is stored in the file-name convention that must be used for the Batch anyways. I would suggest you review the criteria of the file name and what not in the Admin guide.

          Thank you,
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            You could write a script that sweeps the batch folder to remove any files that you do not want processed. This would be a custom script. I've done this before.