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    Oracle Policy Automation 10.2.0

    Brad Tuckett ----Oracle
      Oracle Policy Automation 10.2.0 is now available via Oracle E-Delivery (http://edelivery.oracle.com/)

      This release includes updated media packs for Oracle Policy Modeling and the Oracle Policy Automation runtime for both Java and Microsoft .NET Framework. The updated media pack for Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel 10.2.0 will be available at a later date.

      This release includes:
      * Translation Support - Excel spreadsheets that contain all the translatable parts of a rulebase, that are updated with the new strings to be translated when you modify attributes, rules or screens.
      * Entity Containment - New hierarchical data model that simplifies data collection, debugging, and rule authoring when using relationships.
      * Pluggable Determinations Server - New extensibility model for Determinations server that allows you to do pre- or post-processing of incoming data, or do as needed retrieval of data from an external data source, for example.
      * Interview Web Service - Create fully customized stateful interview experiences in your GUI technology of choice
      * Interview Screen Preview - Preview interview screens without having to go through the entire interview
      * Flexible Interviews - Entity-level goals on the summary screen, more control over labels used for entity collection, and more
      * "Not Currently Known" operator allows a rule to work out if a question has been asked.
      * Additional string functions - as requested by users
      * Entity Equality - ability to write rules that compare one entity instance with all the other instances in a collection
      * Revised look and feel for Word/Excel 2007 (also applies to Word/Excel 2010)
      * New Parsers and Improved Right-to-Left support: Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, German, Finnish, Chinese (Traditional)
      * Native Subversion Support: Check files in and out directly from an Apache Subversion repository without a MSSCCAPI connector, and see differences using Word's track changes feature
      * Custom Function Enhancements: Support for temporal values and improved natural language syntax.
      * Support for self-referential rules, e.g. the person's tax payable = the person's tax payable for the current tax year + for (the prior tax year, the person's tax payable)
      * Greater Platform Support: Windows 7 x64, Microsoft Office 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, Oracle VM, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Server 2010
      * Enhanced Upgrade wizard: The entity containment and interview screen changes require all existing rulebase projects to be upgraded to the new data model structure.

      Please read the release notes, installation guide and security guide included in each media pack for more details.

      The release build number is