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    Exadata training

      Did anyone go to the Exadata class offered by Oracle University?

      Was it VM or real?

      Tell me about your internal training if you work at Oracle.

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          I've not done any training on Exadata/ODM via Oracle University but I did do a Oracle Partner Network (OPN) training session for a couple of days. It was using the ODM simulator.
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            Got a link to that.
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              There is no link. It is not publicly available.

              Greg Rahn
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                O.Yasin Saygili
                I want say additional note at oracle , this is exadata boot camp http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/most-popular-resources/exadata11g-technical-328583.html for training
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                  Oracle University offers this course:

                  It is a 3 days course that includes practices with one virtualized X2-2 Quarter Rack for each student.

                  Kind regards
                  Uwe Hesse

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                    Vishal Gupta

                    When you virtualized quarter rack? Is it a split cluster on a full rack? Or is it using an Exadata Simulator software?
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                      We couldn't give every student, attending our worldwide delivered courses, a real quarter rack resp. a part of a real Exadata DBM.
                      Therefore, we run it on OVM, so that every student can do practices very much like on the real thing.

                      Kind regards
                      Uwe Hesse

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                        what runs on OVm ? is it a simulator that allows access to different sorage cells and database nodes ? can it allow command like calibrate , ibdiagtools and infinicheck ?
                        does it simulate smart scans etc ?
                        Some poeple from my organisation attended the OPN training and they were told they were actually connecting to a real half rack. Just wanted to know if that was the case or if it was really the simulator ?
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                          Hi Robin,

                          I'm not sure what you mean by OPN class. The company I work for (Enkitec) is an Oracle Partner company and we have been delivering one day workshops in conjunction with Oracle for the past year and a half or so. Those workshops do allow students to log directly on Enkitec's Exadata. I have heard that there is at least one other partner company that has recently started doing these types of workshops. I have not seen any Oracle classes that use anything other than VMs. This is partly due to the fact that admin classes can be pretty destructive. The workshops do not generally include "admin" type labs.

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                            I can only confirm that all these public courses
                            run on OVM, just because we have not enough Exadata Boxes available.

                            That doesn't mean that we have no 'admin practices', though!

                            The only area I recall that we cannot cover (regarding practices) with the OVM approach is Infiniband administration & monitoring.

                            Kind regards
                            Uwe Hesse