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    Temporarily Enable Versioning for FK


      we face the following situation which is pretty much the same as in [this thread|http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=1971959].

      - we have a version enabled table X
      - we have another table Y which is not version enabled
      - we want to insert a FK from X to Y (so Y would be a parent table)

      this is currently not possible because Y is not version enabled.
      our question now is: would it be possible to version enable Y (and possible any other tables that reference it) temporarily, then add the FK from X to Y and then version disable Y (and all other tables that reference it) again?
      this would be a very simple solution, that's why we think there is a pitfall as the possibility was also not mentioned in the thread linked above :)
      it would be important for us, that we can restore exactly the versioning-situation as it was before the modifications, i.e. no additional tables stay versioned.

      any comments on this are appreciated.

      kind regards,