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    Tabular form apex 4.0.2, inline validation causin problems

      I have a tabular form with a simple query like

      select xxx,xxx from tableA where id=:P2_xxx+

      Whenever I change a column with a invalid entry the (inline) validation returns an error what is OK of course, but I also receive this message in the tabular region:

      "Current tabular form data is too old; the source data has been modified.
      Click here to discard your changes and reload the data from the database."

      When I change the inline validation to an 'error-page'-validation, I don't have these problems
      When I change the query to select xxx,xxx from tableA (without where-clause with item), I don't have the problems.

      I just tried it at home with apex 4.0.0 and there I don't have the problems and are the validation working as well.

      Is this a bug or am I missing something?