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    Changing Navigation words

      How can I change NEXT, PREVIOUS or other automatic genereted word into an static word or phrase?

      they change regarding the language of windows but I need to make them static.

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          You should search in uix2.jar directory:oracle\cabo\ui\laf\browser\resource. In this library are the language specific files from which oc4j generates the contents. decompile any files with cavaj and see the content...
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            Thank you very much but I don't have the CAVAJ.
            Can you help me finding it?
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                If you're trying to force the words to always be in one specific language - but you're OK with our translation - then check out the Configuration chapter of the UIX Developer's Guide for the <supported-locales> element, which will let you tell us exactly what locales you want UIX to support.

                If you're trying to override the text altogether, you'd need to hack the UIX JAR today. Of course, Oracle can't really support modified JARs. We are looking at strategies for enabling customization of built-in translations as part of the larger issue of customization.