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    Having trouble with loading  xml parser --the post-steps for patch 5194357

    marvin hecht

      The readme for 5194357 has steps for loading the xml parser.

      Steps 1-7 went ok

      Step 8
      $ loadjava -user <APPS user/APPS password> -r -v xmlparserv2.zip

      initially failed but I found the loadjava location and used the full path:

      $ /u03/app/devora/iAS/bin/loadjava -user apps/apps2000a -r -v xmlparserv2.zip

      orat2000a_apdev> /u03/app/devora/iAS/bin/loadjava -user apps/apps2000a -r -v xmlparserv2.zip

      now i get this message:

      Class not found: oracle.aurora.server.tools.loadjava.LoadJavaMain

      suggestsions welcome. THanks MH