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    When Autocreate Workflow trigger?

      Hi All,

      I have a scenario in my system where new Autocreate POs are getting generated once old PO is canceled (based on Requisition which is eligible for Autocreate PO).

      Once old PO based on requisition is canceled, I am able to query this Req in Autocreate Form, but I am not creating any PO. In Evening around 4 PM, new 'AUTOCREATE' PO is created for the above requisition.

      Here I want to know, how these AUTOCREATE POs are getting genearted. I could not find any concurrent program which is triggering the autocreate workflow.
      I want to know the corresponding 'AUTOCREATE' workflow item key and how related to 'POAPPRV' workflow of newly created PO.

      Please let me know if any idea regarding this..

      Many thanks..
      Kind Regards,