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    Excel plugin

      I'm working on a process type plugin, which should be able to download the output from a (interactive/clasic) report as an Excel 2007 file, xlsx format.
      The process look in the view APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_IR for the query, executes it, and put all the number,varchar2 and date columns in the Excel file, which can be downloaded.
      This is the time to place any requests (or suggestions, hints ) for the plugin, next week you will be able to see the results!

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          Option to have freeze panes and automatic filters ready to Excel

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            What is a freeze pane?
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              it is when you freeze row or column.
              You find it in Excel 2007 under "View" menu


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              And you can see it in action if you go

              Press Excel icon below IR to download Excel. There is some issue with Excel 2007 and you get warning popup. Just press Yes.
              When you scroll down Excel header row is visible all the time

              Code is modified version from Denes Kubicek solution

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                The only thing I have to suggest is to do with text fields being converted into dates.

                i.e. If i insert into a cell: 15/6 ; it is converted to 15/06/2010. Which if I then go and edit to make a normal field again, is converted to the number 40344. Obviously not practical. When you insert the value with the character ' before the value, it isn't altered to a date.

                so any field like:
                should be inserted into the cell as

                On a side note, Jari, I tried your example - freeze pane isn't occuring for me, using Open Office. Probably works fine in MS office, just saying.

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                  Yes, freeze panes, automatic filter and header row cells color do not work with Open Office

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                    jarola ,
                    How can download example in it,Thank you
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                      You can not download, sorry

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                        Done, see http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/process-type-plugin/ir-report-to-excel-xlsx_74.html
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                          I have downloaded your plugin, installed it and involved in one my application. I made proces on page with interactive report, set one button to run this process, but nothing happened. You didn't write any help or user guide. Can you please give one example how to use your plugin in application? Tnx!
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                            Didn't I included a readme.txt?
                            In there you could read:
                            To use this plugin add a new process to a page in your application, based on this plugin.
                            Use as Process Point "On Load - Before Header"
                            Use a Condition Type "Request = Expression 1"
                            Add a Region Button to your page.
                            I use a HTML Button with Action "Redirect to Page in this Application", but other type will probably function too.
                            The Redirected Page should be the same page, also button, process and report should all be on the same page.
                            And use as Request the same value you have used in the Condition of the process.
                            Hope this helps,
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                              Yes, you did include readme.txt into package file, sorry, it was my mistake. I did exactly you said, and after page running, pressing on a button I got this message:

                              Oops, something went wrong in NL.AMIS.SCHEFFER.PROCESS.XLSX
                              ORA-29294: A data error occurred during compression or uncompression.

                              This could be caused by

                              ** calling this plugin on a page without a Report Region*
                              ** specifying a non-existing Report name*

                              - On my page(10), I have Interactive Report Region called PLANS.
                              - Process name i ExcelExoirt, Process Point is On Load - Before Header, all Settings are YES, and Region name is PLANS. Condition Type is Request = Expression 1, and value of Expression 1 field is EXCEL.
                              - Region Button name is EXCELBTN, Action is Redirect to Page in this Application, Page is 10, Request is EXCEL.

                              What I made wrong?!
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                                I don't think you did anything wrong. As the error message says, something went wrong in the plugin. But it's hard to say what exactly, or why.
                                The plugin uses a Excel template, which is compressed. This template is loaded when the plugin is installed, and stored inside the APEX repository tables.
                                And after generating the excel file, the file is compressed.

                                If you run the application in debug mode, the plugin stores a more complete error message, and line number, in the debug messages. Could you try that, and give me the complete error message?
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                                  And try leaving the setting for "Region Name" empty.
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                                    I think this is a error message:

                                    ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_SYS_COMPRESS", line 56 ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_SYS_COMPRESS", line 226 ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_COMPRESS", line 89 ORA-06512: at line 154 ORA-06512: at line 289
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