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    Problems with dbx under linux

      Hi everybody,

      I'm using Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 under Linux, and i'm trying to debug a Fortran application with dbx.
      When I use it to step through the code, there always pops up a messagebox that says

      dbx: internal error: cannot convert 'AGGREGATE' to 'ARRAY' ...
      dbx: internal error: cannot convert 'AGGREGATE' to 'ARRAY' ...
      dbx: internal error: cannot convert 'AGGREGATE' to 'ARRAY' ...
      dbx: internal error: cannot convert 'AGGREGATE' to 'ARRAY' ...
      too many errors

      after a random number of steps (perhaps after about 10 steps). Then, the execution stops, and I'm forced to restart the process, with a breakpoint somewhere further down the code.

      Does anybody know what I could do to prevent that from happening?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Can you tell me the commands or steps you did before getting the message?
          Better yet if you can give me a test case to reproduce the problem.

          Are you using the standalone dbx command-line tool, or are you doing
          the debugging from the studio?

          If you are using the studio and are only stepping, then probably the
          debugger is having problem evaluating local variables. It'll be helpful
          if I can take a look at least at some part of your source.

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            Hi Isaac,
            thanks for your reply. I'm using the debugging from the studio.
            Unfortunately, the code I'm working on is a CFD program of some 100.000 lines, and I think I'd have to post the whole thing. I've been trying to reproduce the problem with a model program, but to no avail: dbx/SunStudio works like a charm with every program I write myself.

            It is definitely a problem with evaluating local variables: If I watch a debugging tab different from "variables", it doesn't crash; neither does it while stepping through the main program. It only crashes somewhere deep in some modules, where pointers on big allocated arrays are passed around in the seventh or so stack level. Anyway, it seems to be more a problem with the code than with a particular debugger: I've tried gdb, and it shows similar problems.