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    email client in J2ME

      Hi,i'm new on this forum,I would like to design an email client for j2me application,can anybody help me out ??
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      thanks in advance.


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          maybe post a list of specific questions you have about your email client? :)
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            Hi smon,i would like to design email client those support protcols such as SMTP,POP3,IMAP and even MIME.
            i want to use in CLDC 1.0 and MIPD 2.0.
            just a simple interface,like we can send email through mobile phones using GPRS (not HSDPA).
            i've searching in google but a cant find exact script for this project.
            this my final year exam,can you help me out?

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              what did you search for in google? because 'j2me email client' returns lots of relevant stuff.