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    Viewing "Inherited" Mapping Tables

      In all of our existing FDM applications, we had one Parent Location from which all other Data Load Locations inherited their maps. The sole purpose of this one Parent Location was to store maps for the other Data Load Locations. It was not assigned an Import Format and was not used to load data to the target (HFM). When any user logged in to any of these older FDM applications and sets his POV to any Location that he had been assigned, he could go to the Maps menu and view the maps.

      Now we have an FDM application that uses two Parent Locations to store the maps for all other Data Load Locations. Again, these Parent Locations are not used to load data, but only store maps. Each Parent Location supplies maps for approximately 50% of the Data Load Locations. However, when a user logs into this new application, he cannot see the maps in any of his assigned Locations. He must be assigned to the Parent Location and set the POV to the Parent Location in order to see the maps.

      The maps for the other Data Load Locations in the new application do process correctly. The only problem is that the users cannot see their mapping tables unless they set their POV to the correct Parent Location. Is there a setting that would allow a user to see inherited mapping tables when there are multiple Parent Locations?

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