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    Migrating SAP BW into Oracle data model

      We have a requirement where the exisiting data from SAP BW needs to be migrated into Oracle. Since I do not have any prior SAP BW experience, I wanted to ask the forum on what their thoughts are in converting the data model from SAP BW into Oracle. Would that be straight forward conversion for the fact and dimension tables into Oracle or are there certain things we need keep in mind while designing the data model in Oracle. For ex: indexes, keys, attributes etc if they are handled any differently between the two systems.
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          What do you mean by 'Oracle', which product?
          And I wouldn't guess on any straight forward conversion, it is a different data model/system. Business decision makers are required to make trade off decisions.
          I would first do a fit-gap analysis and see what happens.
          Also consider switching the loading process to SAP BW off, and loading the 'Oracle' with just new data - after a year most questions can be answered, and the data to be really migrated may be greatly reduced for a possibly small trade-off. During the cut over year, both systems need to be consulted and combined, either manually from the reporting front-end, or with some throw-away programs.
          Good luck,
          Erik Ykema
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            The data will be migrated to Oracle 11g database. To be more specific, we will be using an ETL tool to do this migration (move from source to target) but before we start the ETL work, the data model has to be in place. I was thinking if it is possible to use a modelling tool such as ERwin to derive the logical model from SAP BW, make any adjustments as needed and use it to build the physical model in Oracle. Does this sound as a possible approach? The main task here is to build the data model in Oracle 11g.
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              ERwin will not give you the functionality to derive the logical data model from SAP BW automatically, however Saphir from Silwood Technology (www.silwoodtechnology.com) does allow you to extract the detailed metadata from the SAP BW system ( as well as from other major standard or customised ERP applications - SAP itself, Oracle, Siebel, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards). Once this information is brought into its own repository, Saphir provides a range of powerful search and view capabilities to allow you to isolate the data you are interested in and then export that information to ERwin (or any other leading Modeling tool).

              Saphir will provide you with details of the relationships and detailed definitions within SAP BW.

              Hope this helps