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    Need PL/SQL to Create Users in ASP.NET Membership

      I have a large number of Oracle User accounts that we are needing to move to ASP.NET Membership accounts.

      I need a way to write a pl/sql procedure to insert the accounts into the ORA_ASPNET_USERS & ORA_ASPNET_MEMBERSHIP tables.

      I can manually insert the data into the tables, but I am running into a problem with the hashing.
      I can randomly generate a PasswordSalt for each user and the users are going to be required to reset their password since the passwords can not be retrieved from Oracle in order to be migrated to Membership.

      The problem that I am encountering is with hashing the PasswordAnswer.
      We previously used our own implementation of a Password Question and Answer, but not want to move them to the ASP.NET Membership implementation also.

      I can't figure out how to hash our Password Answer so that it produces a PasswordAnswer that is compatible with .NET.

      We are using the SHA1 hashing algorithm as plain text is an option.