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    EMAIL PO (PDF) issue

      Hi Friends,

      I am testing the email PO to supplier functionality.

      I am able to receive a mail to the specified supplier mail id.

      But the email does not have the Purchase Order PDF as an attachment. It has "Notification Detail.html" and "Notification References.html" as the two attachments.

      However I am able to see the PO in PDF format in the system through Oracle Purchasing Responsibility.

      One more thing I have observed is even the mail is delivered to supplier mail Id the status for the notification is OPEN and mail_status is FAILED in the workflow notification tables.

      I even tried to make use of the "Communicate" Option in the Purchase Order action list to send the PO PDF document to supplier.

      Even though it says the request is submitted, the PO was not sent.

      Please help to resolve this issue.