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    H/W & Data migration form AS 400/DB2 V5 R4 to Unix/Linux and Oracle

      We are considering migration of huge data(in Terabytes) from AS 400/DB2 V5 R4 to Unix/Linux and Oracle.

      We are changing operating system and data base also..Please advise if R98403 can be used to move data in terabytes.

      I understand Oracle work bench does not support V5 R4.

      I would like to know pointers on possible tools and approach for the migration.


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          May I know the reason for this huge change? As most of the current setups of E1 are on AS00 only. Then also if you are planning to migrate your hardware and data from DB2/OS400 to Orcle and Unix/Linux you can consider below options for data migration:

          1) R98403 and R98403A are best approach for this type of migration it may consule some extra time but accurate..! As no other tools like Oracle Workbench can
          provide 100% accuracy.
          2) Archive data size if possible with the help of BA team and work on some purging this will help you to great level.
          3) If you decide to go live on new setup please consider going live module wise as a specific module data can be moved fast, and if BA team can specify some specific tables only getting hit for module trasection they can develop TC reports for specific data to be migrated and can save your time instead of copying entire data set again at go live.

          Good Luck..!

          Manoj Kathare