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    compatibility oracle windows 7

      Hi every body,

      can any one help me know whether Oracle9i Client is compatible with Windows 7, if not witch versions are compatible with windows 7 ?

      Thanks in advance :)
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          Oracle Database/Client releases "9iR2 (9.2.0.x), 10gR1 (10.1.0.x), and 11gR1 (11.1.0.x)" are not Certified/Supported to install/run on Microsoft Windows 7.

          "Microsoft Windows 7" certification will begin with "Oracle Database 11gR2 (11.2.0.x)". That means, Oracle Database 11gR2 will be the first Oracle Database product certified/supported to install/run on "Microsoft Windows 7".
          Only exception is Oracle which has been recertified for Windows 7. For instructions on how to get Oracle installed on MS Windows 7, see Note 1173433.1 (How to Install Oracle on MS Windows 7 / Windows 2008R2).

          For further information, please refer to My Oracle Support Certification section where all Oracle Database Products certification is maintained.

          Following are the steps to check certification details for Oracle Database Server on Windows 7

          1) Login to My Oracle Support and Click the Certifications tab.
          2) Select Product Line "Oracle Database Products"
          3) Select Product Family "Oracle Database"
          4) Select Product Area "Oracle Database"
          5) Select Product "Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition"
          6) Select Tier "Server"
          7) Select platform "Microsoft Windows (32-bit)"
          8) Select platform version "7"
          9) click on Search.