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    Frequency below its group

      Good Morning Everyone,
      We are trying to add some info into a complex report.

      1. create another query in Data Model
      2. link them together with the Data Link tool in the tool palette
      3. Create a field and display from source

      Good news is that we have done for 2 and half..
      When we tried to display in a Field, we have following challenge:
      REP 1213
      Field"F4" references column"XXX" at a frequency below it's group.

      We need help for baby steps to display them.

      Thanks in advance,

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          When you design a report, one thing is important, you have to assign a group name to each repeating frame, that is the repeating frame frequency is equal to your group frequency.

          The query group define the frequency of the display.

          Let say a GRoupe GR1 associated withe the repeating frame FR1.

          You can display a field F1 (with a source column SR1) inside a repeating frame FR1 if : the source column SR1 belongs to the group GR1 or to group less frequent then GR1 (a master of GR1 for example).

          Example :

          Departement Employee example :

          You have two repeating frames, from outside to inside Dept_frame then EMP_frame :

          You can display a departement in EMP_frame but you can not display an employee number in DEPT_frame because employee is more frequent then department (ex: 100 employees for IT department, which one Reports will print)^

          Hope it Helps

          -- Mohamed
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            Thanks for promptly respond Mohamed Dadi,

            We admired your explanations " the repeating frame frequency is equal to your group frequency". We used wizard and fixed designs so that we did not realize it.
            Is it possible to change frequency, Mohamed Dadi ?
            If you have a chance, please let us know how to change them.

            Thanks again Mohamed Dadi,

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              The frequency is a result of the groups design in data model. If you want to change it, you have to change the query/group design...

              Again with EMP-DEPT :

              It's like you want to write the query bellow :

              select d.name,
              (select e.name from employee e where e.deptnumber = d.deptnumber) emp_name
              from department d

              This query will not work because the subselect return more than on record while supposed to return one or zero record.


              -- Mohamed
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                New Yorker
                Thank Mohamed Dadi,
                We tried and failed with several NOT working so that we are looking for Working examples.
                If you have a chance, please let us know working examples.

                Thank Mohamed Dadi, again,

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                  The problem that you have is that the new field that you are trying to add is within a new repeating group
                  which is created by the data link. Thus you cannot put the new field straight onto the layout as this
                  repeating group will not be there. What you can do is to use the Additional Layout tool (I think it is called)
                  to put the new field onto your layout. If the added field is going inside other repeating groups (as is likely
                  to be the case) the Additional Layout tool will also add these in and you may have to remove them.

                  Another way of doing this is to add a new repeating group fram round the additional field and manoeuvre it
                  back and fore to get it in the right position like in the data model, but this is slightly more difficult.

                  best of luck,