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    PO and Requisition approvals

      In R12, if we set the purchasing system to use position hierarchy after defining all the jobs and positions.
      Is it advisable to change back to the employee/supervisor relationships setup later just by unchecking the option in the financial options for that OU? Also does it apply the same to the vice versa too? System doesn't get corrupted right?
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You can switch between position and emp-supervisor hierarchies without a problem.
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            1. Make sure that the approval rules and assignments are done accordingly. For position hierarchy the position is used as for the association; for employee supervisor job is used as key for the association.

            2. For PR approval, the approver list is generated when the requisition is submitted (unless you are using AME for requisition approval). But for PO the next approver is determined on the last approver's response. So the In Process PO Approvals will realize this change immediately; but the In Process PR approvals may have a lag (because of pre determined approval list). Please test the PR approvals once.

            - Shiva