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    Incentive Compensation : What is the sequence of CP execution

      Hi all,

      I'm new to OIC and I need some answers for the following issue.

      I need to know exactly how a compensation plan that contains multiple plan elements executes

      Assume you have two plan elements where the first one calculates points for n sales agents and the second plan element will rank them according to their points score calculated by plan element one.

      To assume that this scenario will work the first plan element should calculate points for all sales agents before the second plan element starts execution. If the first plan element calculates points of sales agent1 and goes to the second plan element directly, sorting process won't be achieved.

      So, does plan element execute for all assigned resources first then go to the next one in sequence? or it executes for one resource then goes to the next resource?

      Another question, Is it the correct way to implement sorting in a separate plan element or it should be implement using any other way?

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