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    Creditor Records and Invoice Transaction Types

    Simon Mason
      Hi All,

      We are about to undertake a cleansing exercise on our creditor records. An initial workshop has raised a few issues in data entry and the subsequent difficulties in report on vendors and transaction types. I am certain that these issues have been overcome by other Oracle users.

      I would be very grateful if anyone could advise on the following:

      Creditor Classification
      • Do you use the standard creditor classifications (Header Level)? If No, what changes did you make.
      • Do you use any other creditor classifications? E.g. DFF.
      • How do you deal will dual classification eg. Council Tax and Supplier.
      • Do your interfaces create creditors automatically? Is this an issue?

      Invoice Transaction Types
      We also have some difficulty in identifying creditor transaction types. We currently have two invoice types "Standard Invoice" and "Credit Memo", which cover all manually entered payments.

      Do you use any other transaction types for Pro Formas, Payments to individuals etc?

      Simon Mason
      Senior Procurement Officer