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    Inventory Org on Create Move Order form in Field Service

      hi folks,

      i am unable to figure out how does an inventory org show up on the Create Move Order form. let me explain myself better.

      when i log into a Field Service responsibility and launch Create Move Order form, i am asked to select an Inventory Org. i am unable to determine the setup which makes an Inventory Org appear or not appear in that list.

      on my test instance, i have a dozen Inventory Orgs, including a couple of test ones that i created. i see that only a few are appearing in Change Organization option in Field Service (including the test one that i created), but not several of the others. i have compared the setups of these Inventory Orgs (including Organization Access), but to no avail.

      on the Move Order form available through Inventory responsibility, all is well; i see every Inventory Org.

      please help. thanks in advance.