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    ODynaset method...

      So I played around for a couple of days and finally got my C++ Win32API project to connect to an Oracle 8.1.5 db sitting out on some server at school. All documentation for this project (as given by my teacher) is for Java, but Im not much interested in anything Java so I'm toughing this one out on my own.

      The class is not about programming, rather DB Design - So helping me out any will not be at all helping me cheat on my project.

      There is a method in ODynaset called AddNewRecord(). I am curious as to how this works - obviously it takes no paramters, and I'm assuming it somehow works the OField objects. But how?
      The same question for ODynaset::DeleteRecord(), please.

      I am aware that I could just use ODatabase::ExecuteSQL("Insert..." or "Delete..."), but I am curious about these ODynaset methods.

      I looked on Oracles web site for something that gives a somewhat detailed explination of what all the O-classes and their methods are, but could not find a thing - any help on that would also be much appreciated...something like microsofts msdn, but for OO4O...

      Thanks much
      -Rick Vernam