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    GTK issues

      Not sure if this is the correct forum, hopefully it is since it deals with a JDS environment issue.

      We are having problems obtaining/creating a 64-bit version of the GTK+ library and its dependencies required for our GUI. We need minimum version 2.12 to function. We would prefer version 2.18 or newer. Supporting less than 2.12 would require a major rewrite of the GUIs. Less than 2.18, but greater than 2.11 is a small effort to rewrite.

      Solaris 5.10 bundles 32-bit and 64-bit version 2.4 with the OS distribution. We were able to find a newer version of GTK+ in a Firefox/Thunderbird package, but it is 32-bit not 64-bit. We built our own set of the latest and greatest libs using gcc, but they don’t work.

      The main issue is related to Trusted Extensions. Our applications run okay in the global zone, but any attempt to run from the labeled zones crash with an X error (BadWindow error_code 3 request_code 2 minor_code 0).
      Sun has made some modifications to the libraries and we can’t figure that out.

      We looked at the source code they put online here:


      It does not appear to be different from the source obtained directly from the open source community. We need Sun to provide us with some instruction on this. Better yet, they could provide us 64-bit versions, but I doubt they have it since it’s not in the current release of Solaris 10.

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          Other than the SPAM introduced in this forum (thanks for the filtering), there has been no response. Through our tech support contract we learned that Oracle will not support anything GTK above 2.12. So if you have any issues with GTK , Trusted Extensions or 64 bit...good luck.