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    FDM login error

      After accessing FDM (via url), entering my username/pw, I'm getting the following message.

      Error: An error occurred logging on to the system.
      Detail: [11004] Valid name, no data record (check DNS setup)

      Any advice on what may be the issue, and where I can locate error message documentation would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hello Dan,

          The issue is (as the error message states) an DNS issue. Unfortunately that isn't something that is controlled by FDM.
          DNS (Domain Name System) is controlled by your internal network or ISP.

          The error could be based on invalid information (server related information) in the FDM LoadBalance manager ... or an issue within your network routing.

          I would recommend that you work with your IT team to ensure that the information you are specifying is correct in the FDM LoadBalance Manager ... and that all the appropriate style DNS records for that entry are created.

          Thank you,
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            WP, thanks for the insights.