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    check snmp agent is working - need info

      Hi all,

      I have a managed server, on which I have enabled snmp agent. my tool gets trap information from agent through snmp walk.

      So, the issue is its not able to get info from the agent. I gone through many commands to troubleshoot if my snmp agent is working but none worked.

      Could you please suggest cmd where I can pass host & port of managed server to check if the snmp agent is working on my managed server.

      Thanks in advance

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          You can use the below command line utility.

          java weblogic.diagnostics.snmp.cmdline.Manager SnmpTrapMonitor -p 171

          This would listen to the SNMP Agent port which is configured for the managed server. You can confirm whether the SNMP agent is working for your Managed server by checking the output of the command. It would like like below.

          { enterprises.140.625.100.65=11 }
          { enterprises.140.625.100.70=com.bea:Location=AdminServer,Name=JMSServer-0,ServerRuntime=AdminServer,Type=JMSServerRuntime }.

          You can find a sample usage : http://weblogic-wonders.com/weblogic/2010/12/20/weblogic-snmp-to-monitor-jms-server/


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