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    How to add a custom metadata to a file In UCM?

      I am new in UCM. I have just installed and configured environment. My default configuration includes a file store for documents and a database for a metadata and search functionalities. I want to add content profiles to define the custom metadata options available during check in and searching. But I cannot find it in the administrator’s documentation.
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          kentucm - oracle
          Page for downloads and links to the 10 and 11g documentation

          Managing content guide
          Managing Content Fields > About Custom Fields
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            Congrats on the new UCM instance.

            in addition to the docco links from Kent you can do a quick and easy field add this way:
            1) log in to your system as sysadmin
            2) in your top menu (or tray menu if you have that layout) select Administration > Admin Applets
            3) launch the configuration manager applet
            4) click the add button near the bottom of the Information Fields Tab
            5) give your field a name (this will be inserted into the database and automatically prefixed with an "x")
            6) decide the data type, default values, if it is an option list or not, field label (what will appear on the search, check in and info pages unless superceeded by a profile rule and label) etc.
            7) click OK and be sure to click "update database design"

            You are on your way.

            Remember, metadata design can be daunting if you look at it at its entirety. But if you break it down into small chunks like above, it becomes easy.

            As far as profiles and rules go think of it all like this:

            Metadata sits at the core (created/defined like above).
            Profiles group metadata fields that go together and one metadata field may be in many groups.
            Rules govern how metadata fields or even groups of fields should behave (hide / show / label change / automatic value derivation etc)

            Hope this helps

            Billy Cripe
            Fishbowl Solutions