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Java Version Causes VBean to Not Display

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We have a VBean that we embed in Forms to display CAD drawings within the application. This has been working fine for a long time now. However, we have started to get problems once the version of the JRE goes above 1.6.13. As soon as this happens the bean area in the form is blank. We have stripped the code right back so the bean is just a showing a panel with the cad file on it. In v1.6.13 it works fine, in 1.6.21 no image is shown. The bean is loading as the cursor can be clicked in the bean area and the activity we would expect still occurs, but no display. The full code for the stripped down version is below. If, in JDeveloper, I change VBean to JFrame, it all works fine as well.
Has any one experienced this or am I doing something wrong?



public class ATRIUMcad_stripped extends VBean
private ViewerAWT_ObjectNode viewerAWT;

public static void main(String[] args)

ATRIUMcad_stripped cv = new ATRIUMcad_stripped();

public ATRIUMcad_stripped()
this.CADContainerInit("http://spilgrim.atrium.local:8889/j2ee/", "DEBUG",
"c:\\temp\\", "c:\\temp\\ax2007.exe");

public void CADContainerInit(String cadViewerJar,
String strMode,
String strFCMTempDir, String strFCMEXE)
viewerAWT = new ViewerAWT_ObjectNode(cadViewerJar);
viewerAWT.SetAppletParameter("codeBase", cadViewerJar);
catch (Exception e)
System.out.println("Exception =" + e.toString());


private void jbInit()
throws Exception

this.setSize(new Dimension(800, 800));
this.add(viewerAWT.getPanel(), BorderLayout.CENTER);
URL url = new URL("http://spilgrim.atrium.local:8889/j2ee/Arlesey_Nursery.dwf");
byte[] fileBytes = viewerAWT.getData(url);



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