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    VisualVM - Model not loaded (and disappearing)


      I have tried to use VisualVM to monitor a remote Glassfish instance. I can successfully connect and I can see the heap statistics stuff, but I cannot see any MBeans in the MBeans tab. The MBeans tab only shows "Data not available because JMX connection to the JMX agent could not be established." message and the same goes for the JConsole plugins tab.

      There is no firewall between the host running VisualVM and the Glassfish instance - all ports are open and I can connect to any port where there is something listening.

      Also when I try to open the Model node under the Glassfish instance in the VisualVM navigation pane, it disappears and a dialog window with "Cannot establish JMX connection" message pops up.

      Is there any way to enable VisualVM logging, or some sort of a console to help debug these problems?

      Thank you,