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    Logon to ILMa never succeeds

      I have installed the toolkit 1.4 with Apex 4.0 on a database, but when I logon to page 737677 as ILM_TOOLKIT_USER the http page dies after 1 hour but there is a session in the database consuming 100% of 1 cpu and still running after _4 days_, with the current statement:
      wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.login (p_uname => v ('P101_USERNAME'),
      p_password => :p101_password,
      p_session_id => v ('APP_SESSION'),
      p_flow_page => :app_id || ':1'

      ilm_toolkit.init_ctx (v ('APP_USER'), v ('APP_SESSION'));

      In the database we have:
      •     job_queue_processes=2
      •     ILM_TOOLKIT tablespace 10m
      •     ILM_TOOLKIT_USER
      •     APEX_040000 with DBA privilege

      I ran this as sys with no errors:
      @ilma_install apex_password ILM_TOOLKIT none
      @grant_privs ILM_TOOLKIT_USER
      I also created ILM_TOOLKIT_USER in the workspace, default schema=ILM_TOOLKIT, password matches database password.
      Sadly the ilm_toolkit package is wrapped so I cannot see what it is doing