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    Turn off notifications

      Hi is it possible to turn offthe notifications a user receives when they get added to a workspace? I.e. All of the calendar updates?

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          Notifications on being added to a workspace are controlled at a system level - they cannot be switched off for a single workspace.

          Regarding Calendar Notifications the users can be set to be un-subscribed to the Workspace calendar - which will restrict the calendar notifications to those explicitly mentioned in the event attendee list. This is in the Workspace Settings area under Defaults - at the bottom of the page.

          You can still invite all the members to an event by checking the all members checkbox.

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            A user just uploaded 100+ documents via webDav client into one of my group workspaces. Folks in the group are not thrilled with the volume of notifications.
            BOAdmin "folder subscription for documents" report says "Workspace level Subscription - All Folders Enabled" and all users show a subscription status of "Enabled" with a "Workspace" scope.

            Can I change this as a workspace admin to alter the workspace-scoped subscription state to "Disabled"?
            Could individual users then choose to enable the subscription for specific folders?
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              To have this happen you must have chosen to have the Workspace autosubscibe and this is expected behaviour. If a user does not want to receive the notification or want to have a folder be the only place to generate notifications they can do so by going to https://beehiveonline.oracle.com/BOLAdmin.html - go to All Workspaces and click on the workspace. You can then set the subscription to disabled or set a folder or sub-folder as the target - the folder structure may take a little time to paint if there are a lot of subdirectories.

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                Does each user have to go to admin and turn off the subscriptions?

                How can we turn off subscriptions completely for a group workspace? New/Updated document notifications are killing us when folks WebDAV a large set of files. I can't tell the customer to have everyone go manage the subscriptions individually.

                I went to the Admin tool and thought I turned off workspace notifications, but it only took effect for me personally. The group members page shows subscriptions still enabled for everyone else.
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                  The Subscription is a personal preference so is under their own control. Having the workspace set to autosubscribe is a forcing measure and users will have to go and switch off their subscription for the affected workspace under normal circumstances.

                  If you have unset the auto-subscribe for the group no new members will be autosubscribed but existing ones are left in the subscription mode. If you need to have the subscriptions removed then send me the group/workspace name and I can run a script to disable the subscriptions en masse.