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    Running Oracle in EC2 (ami-3d739c54)

      I launched an instance of ami-3d739c54, which is an EBS backed AMI of 64 bit Oracle 11g.

      I logged in as root, and was met with a database creation script that took me through creating a database. Nice.
      (Although there is a bug in the setup...the SYSMAN password is not recognized when setting up the autobackup. Re-setting it using Enterprise Manager gets around this.)

      I loaded some test data, and tweaked the oracle OS account.

      Now my question is...I want to shut this instance down, and bring it back up tomorrow with my data preserved.

      Anyone have the proper EC2 procedure for this? ami-3d739c54 EBS volume is root, so I am not sure how I can re-mount it later.

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