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    Special characters not displaying in button label

      My production environment is: Oracle Forms 6i connecting to an Oracle 8i database. Forms are Windows client/server. In a form there is a layout of buttons like a QWERTY keyboard. And in the property palette information for each data block, the item is of type "Push Button" and the default Label is set to a specific number which correlates to what that number translates into a special character (i.e. Portuguese, or Spanish characters). So example: CHR196 label = "196". So when at runtime. The following command is executing upon seeing this canvas:

      Set_Item_Property('CHR196', LABEL, CHR(196));

      So in Forms6i the CHR(196) comes out to be a letter in the alphabet from either Spanish or Portuguese and shows up perfectly.

      But NOT in 11g. That environment I'm in is:

      Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms 11g on RHEL5 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5) on a 32-bit platform
      connecting to
      Oracle Database 11g on RHEL5 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5) on a 64-bit platform
      using a
      Windows based browser (IE7 - Internet Explorer 7).

      Could it be due to the forms being in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine)? All I see is a small "square" and this shows up on ALL the button labels. Could it be the NLS_LANGUAGE format of the database? Because when I run the query : SELECT CHR(196) FROM dual on 8i or 11g, the proper character shows up in TOAD or SQL+.